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Gardening :: Growing Peppers - Getting Rid of Aphids

So what are aphids?

Although other aphids exist, the main two types of aphid are black fly and greenfly, these are small soft bodied insects anywhere from 1mm - 5mm long and are very destructive to many plans in gardens and forests alike. These small fast breeding creatures survive by feeding on the sap from plants and get this sap by piercing the phloem, where the sap flows through the plant. In doing this, aphids can carry many different diseases that are harmful and can kill your plants.

When growing peppers aphids can be a big problem and as aphids prefer heat much like your peppers and chilli's do, the problem is worsened. Greenhouses are a common place that aphids will survive well and can feed of many plants and reproduce at a rapid rate in a close area to each other.

So how do you get rid of aphids from your peppers and other plants?

Well thankfully there are many ways to get rid of these pests some of them better than other, so let's take a lo ok at some of the common ways to get rid of greenfly and black fly.

Soapy Water

Soapy water is a very popular way to get rid of aphids, mix up some soapy water or washing up liquid with water and spray directly on your pepper plants. Although this way is not totally chemical free, it is a lot better than other forms of insecticide to get rid of the insects.


Ladybugs love aphids, attracting ladybugs/ ladybirds is a good step to getting rid of aphids, this is not an easy task but very affective once done. Many say having milfoil in the garden attracts ladybugs. This option is more long term and it may be easier to buy ladybugs from a specialist dealer or consider a different option.


Hoverflies are another aphid predator and are a lot easier to attract th an ladybugs. Planting plenty of yellow flowered plants or certain types of flower is effective in luring hoverflies to your garden, options may include marigolds, Iberis, umbellata, statice, buckwheat, chamomile and parsley.

Pyrethrum Plant

Pyrethrum plant is a daisy like plant that comes in many different colours and helps with getting rid of aphids because it produces a natural insecticide within its leaves and stem, putting one of theses plants next to your pepper plant will effectively kill many of the aphids close by.


In my opinion insecticides are a bad choice in getting rid of aphids or other pests on peppers or pepper plants but if it is necessary to do so then be sure to wash your peppers thoroughly before eating. There are many different insecticides to get rid of aphids and the choices are endless, read the label carefully and follow instructions stated. There are natural insecticides available but these do not last long and your pepper plant may need constant spraying to exclude all aphids. /

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